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Drama, GreeceMarch 8, 2019

PCAviso is a blog I created to help people that need information about this field. In addition, this project is somehow my SEO experimentation laboratory where I test my skills on it to see what works best and what doesn't. It averages 3k visitors a month while it does not display any ads, but it is affiliated with Amazon.


Made with


Like the other personal projects I've made in the past is built with a page builder, and I'm not so proud of that. But its aim is to exert my SEO skills only, and not my developer skills. I created important templates for archive and blog posts, but it's purely customized with any additional CSS and JavaScript. I wanted it to look as clean as it can be both at the same time to be updated in terms of design.

Working as a web developer with a SEO background can definitely change the way you build apps. PCAviso was one of the key factors that helped me bring more optimized builds for the search engines on the table.

Key features

The profiles of professional gamers were really fun process because I like to help the gaming community. As you can see, I listed nearly everything about its players, game settings as well as their equipment. I added anchor links that get the reader exactly in the desired category. Links to all players' social profiles are also useful for the reader.







The complexity of

Players Profile

The most complex part of PCAviso was the settings and gear pages due to the variety of features and information I provide to the readers. Each block has its own dynamic content coded in it. The design of it was made in a way where the reader will not be distracted by the colors and shapes, but to help the customer to find the information needed easier.

PCAviso till this day may be my favorite online creation. Seeing the growing traffic and rising rankings of content reassure me that my SEO skills are on point.

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