Athens, GreeceApril 15, 2021

The institute played a big role in my work ethics and skills. I took part in a 6 month volunteering program and during that period I offered my services as a web developer. I took the initiative to rebuild the website because of the conflicts and problems that the old site had. The graphic - web design as well as the project development was taken over by me.


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I've created the website using Elementor page builder. I selected a page builder because the existing web site had too many pages to code from scratch, and we only had two months available. Most features required custom fields to be implemented in order to have dynamical functionality. In some cases, I had to use additional CSS styling and also JavaScript for specific form actions.

H.I.C.D's website was the biggest project I've built. It consisted of multiple landing pages in four different languages, registration portals, a journal, an online course, donations, payment gateways, automatic notifications, and custom conditional fields for members and authors.

Key features

As I mentioned earlier, the newspaper was one of the most challenging designs I created for the website due to its conditional and dynamic logic. I coded ten forms and created their landing pages. The members' page had automated roles and fields based on their pro-created template.







The complexity of

Registration process

The enrolment process consisted of paid recurring benefit levels. The forms were complicated because of the dynamic logic behind them. An integration with Stripe and PayPal payments was possible through their hooks and states. Each form was linked to notifications and emails for both the user and the administrator.

In closing, my work as a senior developer at the Hellenic Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has been very beneficial and has had a significant impact on the skill set. The design and build had to be responsive and functional in all browsers and that's what I focused on achieving by the first day.

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