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Nashville, USAJune 21, 2021

After completing the website of the Greek H.I.C.D, I had an offer to work for its branch in Nashville. I developed the project and my coworker provided the design of it. The board was very helpful providing all the necessary documents for the creation of the project as well as helping with any questions we had. I was generally quite interested in this project because I was digitally building a cultural and diplomatic bridge between two nations.


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The design had a minimalistic feel with the white spaces and thick lines of it. Golden was the chosen main color and a serif typography to give a luxurious look. This kind of selection may seem simplistic or "old school" but I wanted to prevent this by using shades and gradients to make it more modern. Oxygen was my selection for the build, because it's the most lightweight page builder, resulting to very fast loading speeds that help the search engines.

Oversimplification may result in a boring and empty website. Finding the balance between minimalism and functionality was the design goal I had in mind. Due to the brand similarities between the two branches the design and development process was much simpler.

Key features

Each member had their own profile with their bio in it. I created a single template for their profiles for dynamic previewing, and an archive page. Memberships and donations had to be constructed with conditional form fields as well as each plan had to match its e-mail and payment integration.







The complexity of

The Events

The events page was the most tricky of all pages because of the custom fields that had to be created. The content had to be archived, written and published dynamically based on queries like category, date, title etc. So I created personalized categories for the members of the institute so that they could publish the events easily, while the information would automatically pass to the fields.

Finally, this project is one of my favorites since it helped me with my design skills. One of the things I would never forget is the collaboration with the members of the institute's team. Of course the most interesting fact is the entire message this institute has to share across the world, now also in the internet.

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