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Heraklion, GreeceNovember 10, 2019

It's focused on online telecommunication solutions integrated with android apps and with a user dashboard providing balances and stats. I've worked for the company for about 2 years, later on I was offered the job of the lead developer for the products of 360roaming. I've built the landing pages of both 360travelsim and 360iotsim as well as for the main company name.


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The timespan was really short, so we had few weeks before launching. We decided to go with Elementor because we would have the final result fast. There were many occasions where custom code was used, also an API integration for the sms, call and data rates. Ajax search and user dashboard analytics were also a big part of the whole project.

The API integration was done between our team and another out of house agency. The design was entirely mine and integration was theirs, although help from me was needed on the actions taken on the code.

Key features

Payments through a selection of Woocommerce forms and conditional logic choices were crucial to the final result. The shipping cost had to be calculated on several tax and location factors on the back end. A support and FAQ section had to be set up for a better customer experience and also to assist the sales team.







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The Map

Personally, I enjoyed the product creation and building the storefront, but I have to say that creating the help center was the hardest task to complete. It had to be categorized on the admin dashboard in a way that the future questions and answers would be automatically categorized. I also included a search box which could find the answers easily, offering more accessibility to the client.

This project was definitely one of the most profitable in terms of knowledge for me. I learned a lot about online products and how to build them. Building three different landing pages under the umbrella of 360roaming with an online shop running through them really gave me a ton of experience, and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity.

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